At Sydney Showcards we have developed a revolutionary cardboard display that incorporates a holder for flyers or brochures all in the one fold up unit. Also known as twisty showcards, these unique promotional products pack completely flat for easy distribution via mail or courier. They are commonly produced with an A4 image area and a pocket suitable to hold a DL size brochure. The twisty cardboard displays are printed in full colour on one side only and are completely free of any plastic or metal components. This allows for a very cheap custom-printed cardboard display. Print runs as low as 25 units are now possible without the need for plastic moulds, tooling or any other expensive manufacturing processes.

The lower part of each cardboard display twists around 180 degrees to form the legs of this self-standing device. The legs are then simply inserted through the slots provided making a perfect pocket to hold printed material which is of interest to the customer.

This could be a competition entry form or a supporting brochure relating to the product on display. Now the customercan take home, or fill in the necessary information, immediately at the point of sale. Imagine having all these attributes in the one eye-catching low cost display. Simple instructions are clearly printed in a panel that forms the base of each display unit. This means any retail worker or shop assistant receiving or unwrapping these displays can assemble them and insert the flyers in a matter of seconds.

Twisty Showcards are extremely easy to prepare for printing. Sydney Showcards can provide you with a PDF template of the die cutting layout. This template is used when designing the artwork in the initial stages of the process. Once the artwork is complete, a high resolution PDF is made with the die cutting template included, and emailed back to us (or uploaded via the upload area of our website). Alternatively we can prepare an exciting, dynamic layout for your business using our in-house design department if you don't have your own artwork capabilities.

Need a pocket that holds a brochure or flyer with landscape instead of portrait orientation? We already have existing templatesand die knives that can easily accommodate this. There is no need to produce expensive new knives as our existing ones are ready to use.

Just contact us and we will send you everything you need to get started with your layout.As an alternative to the all in one twisty showcard, we also have the capability to apply a separate clear plastic pocket to any of our cardboard displays. These are ideal for holding smaller printed articles such as business cards or coupons. The printed matter is easily visible through the pocket which is attached separately with a couple of self-adhesive strips. Just peel and seal your clear pocket to your showcard, insert your business cards and away you go.

The turnaround time for the twisty cardboard displays is just 9 working days from when we receive the final artwork. There is a minimum print run of 25 units.

Please phone James on 0421 032 299 or email for further information.